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Created: 2021-11-14

How to setup a Spigot server

This tutorial was made on the basis of and It is possible to use other hosting providers in addition to ConsulHosting to set up a Spigot Minecraft server.

Spigot is THE largest minecraft multiplayer server software. Spigot makes it possible to start your own server on all Minecraft versions. By using Spigot it is supported to add plugins to your Minecraft server. This allows you to create your own game modes and improve the playing experience in Minecraft!

It is powered by MinecraftVersion to download Spigot completely free of charge in a few clicks. Start your own Spigot Minecraft server in less than 5 minutes using MinecraftVersion.

 Go to


 Go to the Spigot download page 

Spigot download page

 Download the Spigot version that you want by clicking on the Download button.  

Download your Spigot version

 Go to your server hostings control panel and login, we use in the example. The process is almost the same with other Minecraft hostings. 

ConsulHosting controlepanel

 Go to your server File Manager and delete all the files.

Delete all files

 Upload the downloaded jar file. 

Upload the jar file

 Rename the file to "server.jar".  

Rename the file to server.jar

 Start now your server and accept the Minecraft EULA. 

Start the server

 You have successfully installed Spigot on your Minecraft server. All necessary files are created after startup. Plugins can be added in the created "plugins" folder.






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