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All files on MinecraftVersion are completely free. Download as many files as you want completely for free!

How to make a Forge server?
How to make a Paper server?
How to make a Spigot server?

What is Forge Minecraft?

Forge is an addition to the Minecraft Java edition. With Forge you can easily put mods in your Minecraft server. MinecraftVersion makes it possible to download Forge for free and easily. MinecraftVersion supports versions 1.17 & 1.19 but also older minecraft versions such as 1.8.8.

We make it possible to install forge easily by downloading Forge on the website and then unzip the download once. On our website minecraftversion.net we have a tutorial on how to install Forge.

It is possible to install all mods supported for Forge servers on your own Forge server. It is also possible to put an entire modpack in your server. Very simple, upload all mods in the "mods" folder of the server. The mods folder will be created by the downloaded jar file from MinecraftVersion.

Forge makes it possible to play Minecraft more extensively by adding your own additions to the game. Forge is playable in the latest Minecraft versions at any time!

Try it yourself now, download your desired Forge version on MinecraftVersion. It is extremely easy and completely free to set up your own server in the latest versions such as 1.17.1 & 1.19.1 and more!

What is Paper Minecraft?

Paper is a fork of Spigot Minecraft. Paper is an optimized version of Spigot so you will have less lagg on your server. PaperMC as it is also called is software to start your own Minecraft server. Paper but also Spigot is playable in any Minecraft version such as old versions like 1.9 but also the newer versions like 1.19.

MinecraftVersion makes downloading Paper, Spigot & Craftbukkit easy and completely free. This allows you to start your own Minecraft server as a network or for some friends. It is easy to download from the MinecraftVersion download pages. Put the jar file in your server, start the server and your server provides all server files.

Do you suffer from lagg and are you currently using Spigot or Craftbukkit? Try Paper, which is fully optimized to reduce lagg. Or just use it when you want to run a stable server.

Get the latest versions of Paper / Spigot / Craftbukkit on MinecraftVersion. And check out our tutorials on setting up your own Spigot or Paper Minecraft server.

Start your own Minecraft server now and use the most popular Minecraft server software. Download Paper / Spigot / Craftbukkit now on MinecraftVersion.net!






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